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From: "john grigg" <>
Subject: the real cost of cryonics...
Date: Mon, 25 Jun 2001 01:47:07 

Hello everyone,

I got my Extro pictures developed yesterday and it was great to relive the 
memories.  I wish I had taken more pictures and with a better camera!

When I got home I visited my parents to tell them about my trip.  My mother 
considers cryonics and extropianism different but she tries to be 
understanding.  My stepfather of nearly a decade now is not so tolerant.  He 
is certain cryonics is a big scam to steal my money. LOL!  Walter is pretty 
calcified in his thinking on the matter.  Perhaps if I shared with him more 
information and booklets he would soften but I doubt it.

Via email my younger brother said he was thrilled that I went.  Mike said I 
should use the connections I made to get a better job! lol  If only I had a 
comp sci or bio degree...

I am happy that my life insurance paperwork is finally turned in and will 
hopefully result in a policy.  This in turn can enable me to sign up with 
Alcor.  But, I think about the costs.

Due to the urge to be open about myself, and also out of ignorance of how 
many lists are tied to search engines; I used my online moniker and real 
name when I posted.  This of course made things easily found out about my 
cryonics and transhumanistic interests.

A few years ago I met a gorgeous, gutsy, and intelligent Mormon female from 
Australia who could be described as my "dream girl."  For awhile things were 
incredibly romantic between us but despite my best efforts, she visited Utah 
instead of Alaska when she came to the states.  I was a poor college student 
at the time(still poor though, lol) and felt she was out of my league, so I 
never went down to see her though I felt extremely tortured about the whole 

Within a few weeks there she met a guy who she later married.  I called her 
a week before the wedding and she complained about all the preparations 
while I felt anguish about what she was about to do.  Becky wanted me to 
call her later on but I never did.

We did do a few brief email exchanges after the marriage and the 
announcement of her pregnancy.  But, she never told me about the birth of 
the child.  I wonder sometimes if she cut me off as 'old baggage' or if a 
search engine revealed a side to her she did not like.  I have tried 
repeatedly to get a reply from her with no success.

Recently there was a nineteen year-old Mormon gal who was from Oregon.  She 
could have been a cast member from the "Beverly Hillbilly's" tv show.  My 
age(33 then) was no problem, she said.  We appeared to hit it off really 
well.  Then a sudden and total silence despite numerous queries to her.  I 
also wonder if a search engine run brought up cryonics which absolutely 
killed her formerly strong interest in me...

I don't want to give up my religion and the desire to marry within it, and 
yet I don't want to give up my goal of being cryonically suspended when 
necessary.  This is a source of real struggle within me.  People say the two 
are not mutually exclusive but it is still a hard new path to be forged.

I suppose I should be more upfront about things with women regarding 
cryonics.  But, I am afraid of being rejected immediately so I want to wait 
awhile.  Perhaps, somewhere there is a Mormon gal out there who has the same 
interest in it that I do.  But even if she exists, there is no guarantee we 
will be compatible in other ways.

I look forward to my friend Brent Allsop sending his cryonics letter to the 
leadership of the church.  Perhaps then, cryonics will be seen as somewhat 
more recognized or accepted within church circles.  And even if not, I will 
know better where I stand.

best wishes,

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