X-Message-Number: 16679
From: "ramzy ramzy" <>
Subject: Doors of the history
Date: Mon, 25 Jun 2001 17:01:59 -0000

Hi, Trygve Bauge
In the start, I do not look forward to cryonics for some buried person. 
Also, I do not look forward to cloning in case of failure of cryonics in the 
future. My email is a result of your desire to build other full service 
provider in Norway and your problem with buying of LN2 with cheap prices.
I know that the cryogenic liquid is not everything in cryonics because there 
is other problem (a special protocol for cryoprotectants) for every 
provider. Take this question:
1- What is the scientific field for the person who determines this protocol? 
I predict this answer: cryobiology. Is it right for you or the other 
organizations in USA? If it is false, then what is the right answer?
2- Why is not there any cryonics service in U.K. although there are many 
cryonicists there?
I noted that there is no common protocol for cryoprotectants in 
cryopreservation in the different American companies. Then, any European 
cryobiologist can suggest a new protocol and train the people without the 
need to the training in USA. The efficiency will be improved with the 
experience. Perhaps, the answer for my question: there is no person in UK 
who is cryobiologist and cryonicist in the same time, but I am not sure if 
my prediction for the answer is right or not?
In the end, You can enter history of cryonics if you build other full 
service provider for cryonics outside USA, but I hope that you enter from 
the right door far from the Australian case. This leads to the third 
3- Why did not you write (in CryoNet) about your desire to build other full 
service provider before the Australian case?
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