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From: "Trygve Bauge" <>
Subject: Supplier of dewars found.
Date: Tue, 26 Jun 2001 01:40:31 +0200

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Thanks to Hugh Hixon at Alcor,
for putting me in touch with Jim Amato at Cryotech in Anaheim California.

The latter has been making about 6 big foot dewars, 4 of these for Alcor and two
for other companies, and is more than willing to make more dewars.

Jim quoted me a price of about USD $ 20,000  for a 4 person big foot. F.o.b 
Apparently no sales tax when shipping abroad.

I thought others at Cryonet might be interested in where to get hold of 

The address is:
Jim Amato
W 1230 North Barsten Way
Anaheim CA 92806

his e-mail address:  

no web site yet.

That means that we have a supplier for the dewar at Cryotech
and for the electrical freezer at Harris manufacturing http://www.harrisphq.com

The latter produces cryostar electrical freezers down to minus 140 and 150 
degreees Celcius

And has in the past (last time I called them in 1994)been willing to quote a 
price for custom designing a double length cryostar large enough to hold two 
cryonic patients at minus 140 degrees. Basically they would combine two regular 
cryostar chest freezers into one double length freezer with a separate cooling 
system at each end for the price of 2 freezers or about USD$ 25,000 today.


Trygve Bauge


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