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From: "Trygve Bauge" <>
Subject: Status report.
Date: Tue, 26 Jun 2001 16:27:52 +0200

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To Elizabeth,

I promisssed you to set up a venture plan for how a cryonics facility could be 
established in Norway.

-So far I have found suppliers of liquid nitrogen and dry ice.

-I have found suppliers of cryotanks and electrical cryo freezers, You don't 
need both, just one or the other.

-I have found one research park where one can store an electrical freezer and 
will be meeting with another business park tomorrow where one can store cryo 

-I know how to build a dry ice box, that can be used for temporary storage until
a dewar or electrical freezer is ordered, built and shipped in.

-I have found one undertaker willing to assist on the Norwegian side.

-I have called the local Australian consulate so that they are prepared to 
assist you.


I have also called the Norwegian government and will know soon what paperwork 
that is required. (There are already companies storing cell samples, organs and 
whole bodies in Norway e.g. for cancer research, transplants and patological 
research/education, thus these activities are permitted, it is just a question 
of finding out and filling out the right paper work.)

I want to emphasize that you are not in any way, shape or form obligated to go 
ahead with this project. The information I have gathered is useful in itself, 
and will come in handy if anyone at any time would like to establish a new 
cryonics facility here or elsewhere.
You do not owe me anything for what I have done so far.

Please consider what you want to do.

Do you have any questions so far, we should possible sit down over the phone or 
over internet so to talk things over in depth with you, your sister and in 
particular your mother, since this will have to be her decission since she is 
the nearest kin, and the one that has the legal say as to what that is to be 
done with your father. It is important that you get the fullest understanding of
what you are getting yourself into, so that you can make the best decission.

Please read any letter sent you from others that attempts to discourage you, I 
want you to be aware of all reasons for not doing what you am asking for.

I would also recommend that you sign up with a cryonic patient and family agent 
like ACS The American cryonics organization, that will represent you.
Thus what I set up in Norway will just be a straight storage provider.

I will try to set it up as a self owning trust, a kind of legacy if possible.

Alternatingly I am looking for others that might want to go in as joint owners 
in a partnership or in a share holding company, that would be the storage 
provider, and the company renting the storage facility, and maintaining the 
dewar. Eventually this company might expand so to buy or build and own its own 
facility. With a separate entity having the maintenance and operating contract.

It is important that we find someone other than me e.g. ACS, that could be your 
agent, and hold the money involved and spend these as you authorize e.g. on the 
dewar, facility rental and liquid nitrogen. That way the money would be paid in,
which is a guarantee for me,

and at the same time you would have an experienced agent keeping an eye on 
things for you,
providing some added safety for you.

You will have to document what you can afford, without sinking into economic 

You will have to find a solution that you can afford and we both want to 
preferably some solution that secures longrun upkeep, without future payments.

If for some reason storage of the full body becomes too expensive, why not just 
apply to have him temporarily exhumed so that a tissue sample can be taken and 

Or why not just apply to have him moved to a permafrost grave at Antarctica or 
at Svalbard.

I just want to let you know that there are cheaper solutions that very well 
might do as much or as little for your father as the more expensive cryonic 

I have posted to cryonet and cryonics europe that we are looking for 2 to 3 
other people that might want to buy into the same dewar, so that we get a total 
dollar amount that can be invested safely, the interest of which can be used to 
pay the annual upkeep.

We will also have to set up a contract reflecting the above.

Once all that is done, then we can get the Norwegian government to issue the 
necessary papers, that will enable you to have him exhumed, frozen in Australia 
and transported here, if that is what you (or your mother) actually wants done, 
and can afford to.

You do not have to make any final decission yet, we can take all the steps up to
making the contract before you have to make a decission.
Once again, if you want to back out, feel free to do that at any time.


Trygve Bauge

Ps. This letter means that we will soon be able to go ahead, if that is what you


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