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Subject: Trygve's response to Simon
Date: Tue, 26 Jun 2001 18:16:00 +0200

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Simon Carter <> wrote
>Subject: A few questions for 'Elizabeth' and Trygve

>Hi 'Elizabeth',

>Forgive my suspicious mind but something about you does not ring true.
>Perhaps its the wording of your emails which to my mind seem
>deliberately dumbed down. Perhaps its their capitalisation or your
>apparent inability to grasp what cryonics, as currently practiced, can
>feasibly do. In short I, and probably not a few on this list, don't know
>whether you are genuine, a prankster, a loony, a journalist, or ....

>Perhaps you could at least answer Veronica Sullivan's request for a
>little more detail: http://www.cryonet.org/archive/16657



>Hi Trygve,

>You seem sincere, if a little earnest, in wanting to help 'Elizabeth'.
>Have you had any telephone conversations with her? Have you thought to
>verify her identity in any manner? I am not aware of any request you may
>have made to Melbourne cryonicists to check the grave, death
>certificate, electoral roll, or even the telephone directory. Has your
>only contact with 'Elizabeth' been via email and, if so, do you think it
>prudent to embark on your current course of action without knowing more?


If you know any other Melbourne cryonisists , please let me know of where to 
contact these.

Elizabeth called me early on and spoke to me for about one hour on the phone.

She has sent me an e-mail, address and phone number.

(the address seems a little fishy, and some of her letters look like she has 
copied in paragraphs from others, maybe based on e-mails from other 

Otherwise she appeared more calm, sincere and straightforward than many other 
distressed people pursuing post mortem suspensions that I have spoken to over 
the years. Many seems to lie about when their relative died and what he or she 
died from.

Elizabeth volunteered herself, in our very first conversation that her father 
had died several months prior.

She has repeatedly asked me to give her an account number that she can pay in 
money on, something I have not yet done.

All my services so far has been free of charge and done from good will.

So far I have posted her name and e-mail address to the cryonet.
I could post her phone number and regular address, 
if she has no objection to this.

It is my impression that she had contacted Alcor and had been turned down by 
these before I heard of her.

I have not yet verified her wherabouts or if she can afford what she claims,
An established cryonics provider would of course do that as its first step.

My main concern has however, been to first be sure that I am able to create a 
good cryonics facility in Norway. In a few days I would know if I can do this in
Norway, and what it would take and what it would cost.
Then I will try to verify Elizabeths whereabouts, and what she can afford,
and see what contract if any, she wants to sign.

I have stated it several times. My interest in a cryonics facility in Norway 
stems from long before I heard of Elisabeth, and is independent of whether or 
not she freezes her father or not.

If she is for real, or is a fake or is a journalist, time will tell.
Either way, I will have put together a useful business plan,

and this case has been the incentive to do so faster than what I otherwise would
have done.

Maybe I should have tried to verify her whereabouts up front, but I see no need 
for that until I am ready to actually set up a facility. Only then will it be 
important to find out if she is for real or not.

If I am not able to set up a facilty then it wouldn't matter if she is for real 
or not.

I will know in a few days if I can get all the pieces to fall into place here in

And if they do, then you will all be invited to participate in the creation of a
new facility.


Trygve Bauge

Ps. I have repeatedly asked for feedback from cryonisists in Australia,
I have heard from one.  Chris Benatar 

And I let him and Elizabeth know of one another, whether they have been in touch
I do not know.

If he or anyone else would like to verify Elizabeths story, then just get in 
touch, and I will pass on her address, phone number etc.

I have been in touch with the Australian consulate in Norway, so that they can 
assist Elizabeth, once I am ready to organize a facility, I will ask the 
Norwegian consulate in Australia  and a local bank to assist in veryfing what it
is of value to verify, before signing any contract.


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