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Subject: Fw: Harris Contact Form, Revco freezers
Date: Tue, 26 Jun 2001 18:19:34 +0200

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Dear Trygve Bauge,

Thank you for your inquiry and interest in Revco products.  We have many
ultra-low freezers that holds temperature at  -80 C.  For your quick
reference, you may visit our website for the many sizes and temperatures of
our upright and chest models.  Our website is www.revco-sci.com

If you would like a set of our catalogs, please send your complete address.
We do have a dealer in Australia that you may contact to purchase a Revco
freezer:  Quantum Scientific. Their e-mail address is: 
I will also ask that they contact you directly.  For Norway, I will ask our
dealer in Holland to contact you.

Best Regards.

Ren  Mecklenborg, European Sales Manager
Revco Technologies, Inc.
275 Aiken Road
Asheville, North Carolina 28804 USA
Tel: 828-658-2824
Fax: 828-645-9466

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Below is the result of your feedback form.  It was submitted by Trygve
Bauge () on Monday, June 25, 19101 at 04:47:13

submit_to: Harris

facility: Life-Extension Systems

address: P.o.b. 59, Hovseter

city: Oslo

state: XXX

zip: N-0705

country: NOR

phone: (47)22-14-80-78

fax: Same, call first

future_purchase: ultralow_immediately, cryogenic_immediately

comments: cc: 

Oslo June the 25th, 2001

What freezers do you have that hold a temperature equal to or lower than
dry ice?

What are the inner and outer dimensions of such freezers,

And what are the costs?

What does it cost to have one shipped to Norway?

And what does it cost to have one shipped to Australia?

What are your sales reps in Norway and in Australia?


Trygve Bauge


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