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From: "Trygve Bauge" <>
Subject: Response to Thomas Nord,
Date: Tue, 26 Jun 2001 19:28:49 +0200

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Thomas would you consider owning a place in a bigfoot dewar in Norway,

or 1/4 of such a dewar?  Cost would be 1/4 of the dewar and its freight to 
and 1/4 of its annual upkeep, room rental and liquid nitrogen consumption.

If you want to use the spot, then there would of course be the added cost of 
freezing someone elsewhere in whatever way you afford, and freigth to Norway and
cost of placing the body in the dewar, and the need to set up some means of 
longrun funding and some provisions for what to do if that funding runs out. And
some emergency sluch fund and mutual coinsurance policy with other facilities 
would probably be useful.

>"Thomas Nord" <> wrote

>The money offered must be peanuts as I see it, since CI take 28.000 with a lot 
paid and >clear. 

She has made a confidential offer but it is more than what C.I. charges for post
mortem suspensions.

>But we all like to help the young lass, if she is for real....

We will know in a few days.

>And again as I have pointed out for years, check the laws and legislation first
of all if we >can use it, bend or change it, as checked in Russia and France 

>Swedish and Norwegian laws are very similar as far as I know, EU and many 
others the >same. Liberal US is another case until you are found.

>Here it must be an approved gravesite regulated in law what that means, not a 
shed >somewhere. The right kind of container may be kept elsewhere, and it seems
to be legal >to have such a shed within a graveyard. US-style do not work here 
at all. 

Norway has provisions for bio banks. 
We also have provisions for donating organs,
and for donating whole bodies for research,

Thus cryonics has to be set up as such and not as a church yard.

For regular burial only cremation and chest burial is permitted,
However, it is legel to ship corpses in and out,

We also have the option of perma frost burials at Svalbard and near many of our 

>As some may remember, I have asked around in EU and elsewhere, due to my own 
>relocation too, if its not going to be US. 

>Norway once belonged to Sweden next door, just as cold in the winter where the 
old >ones don't like to be.

Speak for yourself, I think it gets to warm when it is about 80 degrees 

>A EU facility is better down south since most of us are not ice-bathing, as our
Wiking->friend Trygve;-)
>Folks like to spend their last years in warm places, right Bob and others?
>Without ice and snow. Sweden and Michigan is nice now, not in half a year.

>From my spanish point of wiew its noted folks like to die at home, run off from
Spain at >the end, but may stay if there is Cryonics. Guess Italy and Greece is
he same. But >around my place near Marbella we have a lot of rich and famous, 
some very rich. I'll try >to check with the liberal mayor there, if he's not in 

Do you know if Bj rn Lyng the Norwegian developer of huge Spanish resorts, is 
still alive?

>To bad France is a nono, I'm not shure of that yet.

Anyone heard from the Martinot's lately?

>And I dont think we will steal from US, guess they will get more house-clean.

>PS we can make kids today, but not chloning. And need kids to take care of us 
later. A >problem in EU Japan US etc. Even AIDS-torn Africa.
>/Thomas N


Trygve Bauge


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