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From: "ramzy ramzy" <>
Subject: Re: Trygve's reply to Ramzy
Date: Tue, 26 Jun 2001 17:32:58 -0000

Hi, Trygve Bauge,
Thanks for your rapid reply, but you forgot to discuss important point in my 
previous message. I hope to know your explanation for non-existence of full 
service provider in Europe, especially U.K. although there are many 
cryonicists in it. The most famous journal in cryobiology (Cryobiology) is 
in U.K. I predicted some reason, but I am not sure (my reason: There is no 
cryonicist cryobiologist in U.K. to determine a protocol for cryoprotectants 
and trains the others without need to training in USA.). I think that any 
European cryobiologist can suggest some protocol for cryoprotectants because 
there is no common protocol for the American companies. What is your mind?
About cloning: the cloning can help the nurosuspension. Also, for the whole 
body, perhaps, we cannot repair the whole body in the future for economical 
reasons and then we can repair only the brain or the head and use the 
cloning for the rest. If the cryonics will fail, I cannot accept the cloning 
as an alternative. If the cloning will be available, then it can be repeated 
for many times. There are many copies, but the origin is lost. At all, the 
cloning is not the subject.
The Australian case gives the chance for the media to attack you, while you 
can get support of all European cryonicists far from case of the cryonics 
for a buried person.
Not at all, there is a good side in problem of cryonics for the buried 
The relatives will not try to bury the person rapidly before arrival of 
cryonics team because they know that the team can take the body even after 
the burial.
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