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Date: Tue, 26 Jun 2001 18:33:03 -0700
From: Olaf Henny <>

Subject: Multiple Universes; Please Enlighten Me (Some of it maginally on topic)
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In Message #16670 David Pizer <> wrote:

>>Subject: Re: Is life a game?)
>>  Well of course we're probably all living in a simulation. Every inhabited
>>universe has zillions of simulations with only one "real" level, so the odds
>>are huge that you're in a simulation.


>A very interesting idea.  I am not a mathematician, but I'll bet that
>someone could work out what the odds are or are not that we are in a
>simulated life.  And it just might be that the odds favor one being in a
>fake life over being in a real life.  Even knowing the odds predict that
>one is in a fake life rather than a real life, the original question still
>stands unscratched  "How could you ever know if you are in a real life (no
>designer, all by accident), or a fake life?"
If I understand the multi universe concept correctly, then every
time a decision is made a universe splits into one reflecting the
 yes  answer and into one reflecting the  no  answer.

Given this is correct, then there was obviously a time, when the
first decision in the original universe occurred.
Whoopy and there were two!
Now tell me, which one is the original and which is the
simulation or copy or whatever?   IMHO they are both brand
new and therefore original universes.   When a fertilized cell
divides for the first time, which one is the original?

I tell you what:
I am the original Olaf living in *my* original universe, simply
because it is the only one accessible to me.  Therefore I don t
care a fiddle about all those other universes, other than
acknowledging that they and all those other Olafs within them,
created by all their wrong <g> decisions, might exist.

I am also oblivious to any concern, that I might get bored if I
live too long.  I am sure I will think of something.  And I am
also sure, that it will be something, which would never come to
my mind, if I speculated about it _now_.

If all else fails and the boredom becomes completely unbearable,
I can always take up one of theses extreme sports -, like
snowboarding down Mt. Everest, scuba-diving under the ice of
Europa or parasailing on the fumes of Io s volcanoes, - which
have the possibility to end it all.  I bet you after the first close
call, I will have that boredom licked for awhile. <g>
For now, let's just get there!

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