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From: "Trygve Bauge" <>
Subject: Cryonics Norway, Status report June 27th 2001
Date: Wed, 27 Jun 2001 19:03:14 +0200

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As of today I have

A) Found a suitable facility.

1. Located a business park that will rent out 10 square meter of space.
The ceiling heigth is more than 6 meter. The Doorway is more than 3.5 meter.
The park is within walking distance of where I live.
Rent will be about $ 1,700/year  (kr 12,000 a year plus 24 % value added tax.)
We also have to pay to put up a small interior wall and door. 

The site is accessible by huge liquid nitrogen trucks, though we might initially
buy one 196 liter bottle every 2 weeks. And an extra bottle every 2 to 3 
months. One liquid nitrogen bottle is presently delivered next door to a state 
run agency, every 2 weeks. 

The address is Grini Naeringspark in Baerum Norway.

B) Found suppliers for the necessary technology.

2. Located a supplier of big foot dewars in Anaheim California.

One 4 person dewar costs about $ 20,000 plus shipping, plus 24 percent value 
added tax and or customs fees. I still have to check that there is a way to 
drive a 11 foot (3.3 meter) dewar or a flatbed truck with height almost 14 feet 
(4.1 meter) from the harbour and to the business park. 

Manufacturer of bigfoot dewars: Cryotech in Anaheim California.

3.Located a supplier of double length cryostar electrical freezerz that go down 
to minus 140 degrees celcius. However we would probably start out with a bigfoot
rather than with a cryostar. Since the double length cryostar takes only two 
people and cost about $ 25,000 plus shipping.

manufacturer of cryostar cryogenic freezers: Harris manufacturing 

4.Located a supplier of liquid nitrogen. The best price is when delivered by 
tank truck. But even with the extra height bigfoot we would have to refill it 
every 2 to 3 weeks, with 210 to 315 liters, and so small quantities I doubt that
they will deliver by tank truck.

I got a bid on delivery of 900 liters every 2 months, but the bigfoot has to be 
refilled more often than that. Thus as long as we have only one bigfoot we will 
buy liquid nitrogen in 196 liter bottles.

Hydrogas, Oslo Norway

5. Located a supplier of dry ice and got a price quote on dry ice.

Hydrogas, Oslo Norway

6.I know how to build a dry ice box, and where to buy all the supplies locally.

Loevenskiold Vaekeroe is a building supply store that has what it takes of 
plywood, studs, nails, plastic foil and styrofoam insulation etc.

7.We might easily put a scaffolding next to the dewar, and hang a joist from a 
ceiling beam.

There is a mezzanine level next to the dewar , and a few men could easily lower 
any metal casket into the dewar.

C) Called around to see what laws apply and what permits that are needed.

8.I have called the relevant national departments and here is what I have found 

The general rule is that dead people shall be burried or cremated within 8 days 
of death.

There is however made exceptions for organ transplants, autopsies and donations 
of whole bodies for scientific research etc.  No time limit seems to be set on 
the research.

Thus it is just a question of setting up a scientific organization and some 
specific research project that will need cell samples, organs or whole bodies 
sometime in the future. E.g. one could take on the task of storing a selection 
of todays human beings so that these bodies can be compared to future human 
beings in some future century, with the cryonic organization itself to determine
when and how the comparison will take place and what that will be compared. 
Since we don't yet know all it might be of value to compare, it is best to 
maintain the bodies as complete and unharmed as possible so that the future 
better can do any useful comparisons.  E.g. it might be of value to see how 
environmental pollutants in fatty tissues vary over the centuries. And we 
wouldn't have to carry out the tests until the time of reanimation. 

9. There is also a new regulation regarding biological banks, that I will get a 
copy of tomorrow.

d) Started to line up assistants.

10. The undertaker that assisted in my grandfather's and Freya Hindals 
suspensions has agreed to assist again.

Sandvika Begravelses bureau in Baerum, Norway.

11. There are a few other people interested in cryonics in Oslo. There are at 
least 3 of us that I foresee that will be volunteering time at the facility.

12. I expect to find a lawyer that will be willing to serve as an agent for the 
diseased and their families, and to keep their money in trust, and pay out money
to the facility operation as authorized by each client.


13. In conlusion I should know within a few days what paper work the government 

14. And then I will add up all the figures and post these to the cryonet,  so 
that we will all know what it will cost to set up a facility in Oslo, Norway in 
case anyone ever wants to put the money into such a project.

15. Of course if the facility is implemented, we would have to recruit some 
private hospital or cryobiologist to develop a suspension protocol and assist in
any suspension. 


re: Elizabeth in Australia. I have not heard from her the last 2 days. But I am 
going ahead with the venture plan for the Norwegian facility anyway. It might 
make it easier for me and others to set up a cryonics facility here or 
elsewhere, that I publish a model of the tasks and expenses involved including 
useful contacts.


Trygve Bauge

Ps. If Elizabeth still wants to be a client,
then I would have to sit down with her and her mother and sister 
a) so to be sure that they know what they are getting themselves into,


b) so to verify that they can afford this without going bankrupt or being 
economically distressed.


c) so to set up a contract that outlines a sollution that secures longrun 
storage, that she can afford and that we both can agree to.


Trygve Bauge

Ps. I have so far tried to answer everyone that has commented on this project on
cryonet, on the cryonics europe list or privately. However this has taken an 
enormous amount of time. Several nights actually. So if you henceforth don't get
an immediate answer, bear over with me, I will try to respond as soon as 
everything calms down a little.


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