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From: "Thomas Nord" <>
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Subject: Bauge and Oz
Date: Thu, 28 Jun 2001 06:36:53 +0200


If this was a mail to me, send it like that first, I aint got it. Only illegal 
spam from a lunatic case using remailers, who has been fighting Cryonics in 
sci.cryonics and other groups several times in different names for years, but 
had to back off every time as we all have seen. I just filter spam off and pity 
the poor case.

And I had no reply from the lass in Oz in spite of several mails, perhaps 
because I'm a good checker if folks are for real. I have a close friend in Oz, 
and know others there, mail me more and I'll take some burden off you. The text 
doesnt seem to be from a 29-year old woman, or she may be in panic.

One lunycase I know for shure has that age and know my ties in Oz. I always 
check folks up a bit before getting to much work looking like timewasting, good 
for you perhaps and us this time to set things in motion more. But who like to 
get fooled. When she calls, call back. Oz has the white papers on Internet. One 
of our friends there some of us know, works with legal matters a bit and is on 

> Thomas would you consider owning a place in a bigfoot dewar in Norway,

> or 1/4 of such a dewar?  Cost would be 1/4 of the dewar and its freight to 
> and 1/4 of its annual upkeep, room rental and liquid nitrogen consumption.

> If you want to use the spot, then there would of course be the added cost of 
freezing someone elsewhere in whatever way you afford, and freigth to Norway and
cost of placing the body in the dewar, and the need to set up some means of 
longrun funding and some provisions for what to do if that funding runs out. And
some emergency sluch fund and mutual coinsurance policy with other facilities 
would probably be useful.

I consider anything but that is a private matter, what is written here some 
mentalcases reads also and refers to the archive later. 


> >And again as I have pointed out for years, check the laws and legislation 
first of all if we >can use it, bend or change it, as checked in Russia and 
France etc. 

> >Swedish and Norwegian laws are very similar as far as I know, EU and many 
others the >same. Liberal US is another case until you are found.

> >Here it must be an approved gravesite regulated in law what that means, not a
shed >somewhere. The right kind of container may be kept elsewhere, and it 
seems to be legal >to have such a shed within a graveyard. US-style do not work 
here at all. 
> Norway has provisions for bio banks. 
> We also have provisions for donating organs,
> and for donating whole bodies for research,

We have exactly the same here, I guess Norges love(?) and our lawbook is very 
much the same being so near to one another side by side like in a dewar.

Research is for a shorter time at least here, not many years as we need, check 
the law and all the line down IRL. I have checked with the governement here, the
medicalboard, the county and some communes. 

> However, it is legel to ship corpses in and out,

As anywhere with CI and some hazzles sometimes.

> We also have the option of perma frost burials at Svalbard and near many of 
our glaciers.

If it lasts with the climatechange.

> >As some may remember, I have asked around in EU and elsewhere, due to my own 
>relocation too, if its not going to be US. 

> >Norway once belonged to Sweden next door, just as cold in the winter where 
the old >ones don't like to be.

> Speak for yourself, I think it gets to warm when it is about 80 degrees 

+80F=27C is just fine as now, we dont wish much more, but elderly dislike 
slipping on ice and some minus 10-20C as is awful, thats the point.

> Do you know if Bj rn Lyng the Norwegian developer of huge Spanish resorts, is 
still alive?

No, Spain is large, I know Swedes, and its no matter here I guess. Sort out what
is private, for EU and CN my friend...

PS is there anyone who can do cryonics perfusion in a body buried for so long 
and warm like in Australia?

Perhaps thats another problem when that time comes and if, just hope its not a 
scam from a child or similar. Forgive me if you read this and are for real, but 
we have to watch out for the bad ones.

Buenos noches, overdue time to sleep.

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