X-Message-Number: 16737
Date: Thu, 28 Jun 2001 05:57:32 -0400 (EDT)
From: Ben Best <>
Subject: HSCP Winding-up

   Friday, June 29th will be Yuri Pichugin's last 
day doing experimental work for the HSCP. On last
report, he is scheduled to be cryopreserving 
hippocampal slices which will be analyzed after his
departure. Analysis will consist of both electron
microscope and light microscope as well as the 
usual K/Na assays for viability. Additionally, 
some slices will be sent to a world-class 
hippocampal slice biology lab for a variety
of histochemical assays. 

    The electron microscopy at the university
where Yuri has been doing his experiments is
currently malfunctioning. Therefore the electron
micrographs cannot be made until the device is 
repaired. Dr. Fahy estimates that it may not be
until August when the unit will be fixed and he
will go to get the micrographs. 

    I will try to give results when I can, but all
these factors point to the fact that it may be 
quite a while before all the results are known --
and longer before they are published.  

    I will be in Europe until July 9th, spending
much of the time attending a conference in honor
of the 200th birthday of the French Economist
Frederic Bastiat:


    Upon my return I will try to ensure that tax
receipts are sent to all US Taxpayers who contributed
to INC in the year 2001. 

               -- Ben Best, President
                  The Institute For Neural Cryobiology (INC)

            Ben Best ()

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