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Date: Thu, 28 Jun 2001 21:31:51 -0400
From: fair4us <>
Subject: Mike Darwin & The Vitamin Controversy

In Cryonet 16714, Mike Darwin wrote:

"I'd also caution people that taking supplements has very little comparable
evidence that they work, and growing evidence that most don't -- or can even
hurt you. I became very suspicious of Vitamin C about 10 years ago and cut it
out of the cryonics protocols. Every ischemic animal that got ascorbate had
markedly greater injury after ischemia -- usually not recovering any level of
consciousness even with less than 10 minutes of insult time. Recently the
Aerospace study on carotid artery intimal thickening in people supplementing
with ascorbate, and the recent in vivo studies showing increased radical
production and mutation seem to bear out our earlier experience. Perhaps if
supplementation is more aggressive with other antioxidants this negative
effect could be avoided. However, until this is demonstrated I'd hold C
intake to no more than 250 mg/day/adult. It is just too potent a driver of
the Fenton reaction and there is plenty of free iron to catalyze this nasty
radical cascade."

An interesting observation, in light of the Saul & Bill Vitamin Company's
position, which is provided at the following:


Ah, but Mike doesn't work for them anymore, right?

Regardless, who is the poor lay person to believe ...

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