X-Message-Number: 16758
Date: Sat, 30 Jun 2001 02:24:07 -0700
Subject: A.I. - A little prop for us cryos...
From: Bobby June <>

Don't want to give the movie away, but there is a part of the plot that has
a boy frozen and waiting for more advanced medical procedures.  At least
they don't use the word "cryogenics."  It is done as if it were standard
medical procedure, which was nice.  Overall, good 30,000 foot view of
possible future events and transhumanity, yet lacking in probable detail
that might paint a future picture closer to some of my/our own thoughts.
You know.  The general "world running out of resources for many" scenario
and the good'ol standby of the "inability to leave the planet" finality.
Good for wetting the general public's little toe - I hope.

Bobby June

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