X-Message-Number: 16762
Date: Sat, 30 Jun 2001 20:32:10 -0400
From: fair4us <>
Subject: CP the Cryonet Police

In Message #16751, Charles Platt <> said:

 >I consider it an appalling example of narcissistic, selfish
 >behavior to hog a list with multiple messages, many of which are
 >transcripts of personal email

Who was it that only a few weeks ago, was chastising Alcor and CI for not 
providing ENOUGH information about what they are doing?  Now here we have 
coming along a budding organization which is providing intimate details 
about its struggle to start, and not only do you bash it, but you are 
trying to say it is providing TOO MUCH information??  Who, exactly, made 
you the Cryonet Information Police?

Charles Platt also said:

 >Subject: Trygve Bilge


 >The only people interested in this stuff,
 >at this point, Trygve, are deluded wackos such as yourself.

Changing the man's last name to an epithet?  Charles, where is your 
journalistic integrity?  And "deluded wacko"?  Oh my.

Trygve, you may have just found the financier for your new cryonics 
organization.  If a judge finds libel, slander and/or defamation of 
character, it can mean big bucks.  Perhaps Mr. Platt would settle for 
funding 1/4 of the dewar that he could use for himself, since he thinks he 
is too good for any existing cryonics organizations most of whom have said 
they do not want him anyway, and you are willing to take on cases that they 

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