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Date: Sun, 01 Jul 2001 02:33:43 -0400
From: "Kevin Q. Brown" <>
Subject: Regulated to Death?

The best way to avoid getting a poorly-done cryopreservation
is to keep on living!  Unfortunately, in the USA, many valuable
life-saving treatments are either unavailable or are excessively
expensive, due to the regulatory burden imposed by the FDA.
Recently I have received announcements concerning two ways that
everyone can help alleviate that.

First, support a pro-market candidate for the next FDA commissioner.
Dr. Mary J. Ruwart, a prominent Libertarian, has declared her
candidacy for this position.  For details see:
Also consider that prescription drug subsidies for the elderly
never would have become a major Presidential campaign issue if
drug prices had not been inflated by the financial burden imposed
by the FDA.  A "compassionate conservative" ought to be able to
see that freeing the market is a superior solution to creating a
new government entitlement program.

Second, the Gutknecht Amendment to the Fiscal Year 2002
Agriculture Appropriations Act will ease importation of
prescription medications for personal use.  This will enable
US citizens to purchase their medications from a country
whose regulations do not drive up the prices as high as
does the USA.  For details, see the message appended below.

Of course, I cannot guarantee that writing in support of a
pro-market FDA commissioner or legislation easing importation
of prescription medications for personal use will be successful.
But I can guarantee that if nobody speaks up for those things
that they will never happen.

  Kevin Q. Brown


   Date: Fri, 29 Jun 2001 11:44:27 -0400
   From: "faloon, william" <>


Americans pay outrageously inflated prices for their prescription
drugs compared to citizens of other countries. An amendment is
being introduced to the House of Representatives that would enable
Americans to import prescription drugs for their own personal use.
If this amendment is enacted, the price U.S. citizens pay for their
drugs will drastically plummet.

It is crucial that everyone call their Congressional Representative
and tell them to:

"Vote "YES" on the Gutknecht Amendment to the Fiscal Year 2002
Agriculture Appropriations Act." 

To reach your member of Congress, just call 1-202-225-3121 and give your
zip code. You will be transferred directly to your member of Congress's
office to let your voice be heard. At the end of this posting, we also
reveal how you can easily Email your member of Congress.

Passage of this amendment will stop the FDA from interfering with
lower-cost imports of FDA-approved products from other countries.
It would force today's pharmaceutical cartel to compete in the
world marketplace!

Here are examples of unconscionably high prices Americans pay for
their medicines compared to the Europeans:

    ACCUPRIL 5       $10.29     $3.50
    ALLEGRA 120      $23.33     $6.96
    AMBIEN           $19.65     $5.41
    BIAXIN 500       $32.83    $22.05
    CIPRO250         $36.14    $15.20
    CLARITIN         $21.02     $5.35
    COUMADIN         $12.58     $2.74
    GLUCOPHAGE       $10.04     $1.37
    NORVASC 10       $20.96    $11.08
    PRAVACHOL 40     $33.97    $23.32
    PREVACID15       $35.82    $11.06
    PRILOSEC         $34.49    $17.56
    PROZAC           $23.98    $14.70
    VASOTEC 5         $9.38     $2.77
    ZESTRIL 5         $8.64     $1.84
    ZITHROMAX  500  $162.00    $58.73
    ZOLOFT 50        $20.95    $12.19
    ZYRTEC           $16.70     $5.91

Last year, Congress voted overwhelmingly to approve legislation
allowing importation of prescription drugs, and supporters of
this free market approach thought they were going to be able to
mail order prescription drugs. Now, the FDA wants to block all
mail orders of prescription drugs.  Congressman Gil Gutknecht
is introducing an amendment that will allow importation of
FDA-approved drugs from Europe and Canada. It is critical
that you call your members of Congress at 1-202-225-3121 to
urge them to support the Gutknecht Amendment to the Fiscal
Year 2002 Agriculture Appropriations Act.

"While seniors in the US are struggling to pay for medicine,
those in other countries are paying 30 to 70 percent less for
the exact same drugs. We can't allow our own FDA to stand
between seniors and lower prescription drug prices,"
Gutknecht said.

More information on Congressman Gutknecht's plan to slash the
prices of prescription drugs can be found at:

If you prefer to Email your member of Congress, you can do so by
logging on to www.LifeExtension.com and access the "Send a message
to the U.S.  Government" button on the home page. All you do is
enter your name and address and the following letter will be
automatically Emailed to your Congressional Representative:


Dear Representative______________:

Americans are paying the highest prices in the world for their
prescription medications. 

Shifting high prescription drug prices to Medicare only means
that the burdened is transferred to the taxpayer.

Congressman Gil Gutknecht is introducing an amendment to the FY
2002 Agriculture Appropriations Act that will allow Americans to
import FDA-approved drugs from other countries for personal use.
The price of these identical medications is 30% to 70% lower
than what Americans are being forced to pay today.

Congressman Gutknecht's amendment will stop the FDA from
blocking the importation of lower cost medications from
other countries.  Passage of this amendment  will make a
significant impact on resolving the health care cost crisis
that threatens to bankrupt this country. 

As your constituent, I am asking you to vote YES on the
Gutknecht Amendment to the Fiscal Year 2002 Agriculture
Appropriations Act.

Please let me know your position on this critically important



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