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Date: Sun, 1 Jul 2001 11:51:51 EDT
Subject: Re: About the movie AI

My wife and I recently saw the movie 'AI' and came out with opposing feelings 
on the following premise:  I believe that the 'love chip' implanted in the 11 
year-looking robot is no different qualitatively than the evolutionary 'love 
chip', based on hormones, or whatever, that we humans have had since the dawn 
of humanity.  My wife, however, feels that robots as such can never  
experience  or feel true love,  that any so-called love chip would be like 
rote, or pure mimicry of love, not the real thing. Hence, love cannot be 
programmed.  (Incidentally, I am sure that the vast majority of people would 
side more with my wife's premise than my own, but hey, thats ok, its what 
makes life discussions exciting!)

Therefore, I would be deeply interested in your responses to both sides of 
the argument.

On another note, my wife is aware of the 'melding' of robotics (AI) and 
humans, and to paraphrase Kurzweil, that within 30+ years (or take how many 
years in the future you desire) , the merging of AI (robotic technology) and 
organic intelligence will eventually make 'us' indistinguishable from 'them'. 
 Her response is that such entities can never be truly human, nor  true 
progenitors of humankind as they would lack a soul.  Furthermore, as in a 
love chip, a 'soul chip' would be an oxymoron.  However smart, cute, even 
'passionate' we can fabricate artificial intelligences, no matter how 
intellectually augmented they become, humans alone would hold the monopoly on 
real passion, real spirit, and the sole proprietor of a soul, or the essence 
of humanity.

Obviously, no one  can respond with assurety either way on these metaphysical 
subjects, but regardless, I am interested in the opinions of others in this 
fine newsgroup.


Dr. Ed Reifman

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