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From: "Trygve Bauge" <>
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Subject: Standard contract, Re: SENDING DOCUMENTS.
Date: Sun, 1 Jul 2001 18:02:21 +0200

To the cryonet,
I am asking for suggestions and input, regarding what to include in a
storage contract.
I have the old contract forms used by Trans Time, but if anyone has the
standard contract forms that are or have been used by Alcor, C.I. etc,
please forward these to me.
It would be useful to review these when setting up a new contract.


Trygve Bauge

To Elizabeth,
I have called around to various Norwegian government offices.
I have explained that I am trying to set up a small biotechnology company,
a bio bank that would store frozen cells, blood samples, organs, and to some
extent whole human beings for patological research, forensic research and
other research.

The various offices I have called have indicated to me that there is no
Norwegian law yet regarding such activities, and that all that presently is
required is the same as is required to set up any company. E.g. One has to
register the company at The Norwegin register in Bronnoysund.  I have
requested and am expecting to get in the mail the guidlines for setting up a
self-governing trust that owns itself (in Norwegian a company that owns
itself is called a "stiftelse". There are certain tax advantages in setting
up a bio bank as such an entity, rather than as a shareholding company. It
would also give the bio bank and those involved in this some legal
protection. While a privately held company can be seized by the owners'
creditors or by the tax man, the "Stiftelse" owns itself, and can not be
seized by the creditors of those running it.)

If your mother as your father's nearest next of kin decides to let  you
freeze your father,
and if you can prove that you can afford this,
then I would send a written proposal to the relevant Norwegian government
asking these if they have any objections, and if they require us to fill out
any particular paper work, and in that case what paperwork they require.
I will then fill out all the required paper work. When turning this in
I will also be requesting a written reply from the Norwegian government that
they will not shut us down, as a prerequisite for me going ahead with the

At the same time you and I have to draft, edit and complete a contract.

If we get that far, that we agree upon a contract, and we have filled out
all the paper work required by the Norwegian government, and got in writing
from the latter that they are not shutting us down.

Then we can sign the contract,
and you can use this and the paper work from the Norwegian government when
you ask the Australian government to get him exhumed.

Typically all that is needed to get someone exhumed, is a contract that
shows that the deceased will be burried or stored somewhere else. People
that die and get burried in foreign countries often get exhumed, and
reburried in their native country.
Incidentially, since your father most likely was born in some European
country and not in Australia, it would have been easy for you to apply to
have him exhumed, and reburried in his country of birth. At the same time
you could have asked the undertaker to take some cell samples that could
have been frozen at C.I. or Cells-4-Life, in any cryo bank, or even at home.

I mention this, in case you can not afford to freeze the whole body,
or in case freezing the whole body for some reason is not selected.


Trygve Bauge

>Elizabeth kostadinova.  wrote:
>Dear Trygve, Bauge,
>As the family wishes to go ahead with the ,preservation, and would like for
you to email >me the legal documents, and
>contact, to read over.
>AS my mother isnt sure she would like to go through with the supensions but
will consider >and talk it over with us, to decide,.
>and finally make her decision as to the long term storage requirement
>so send the contacts for me to asubmit to the AUSTRALIA  human servises,
>for processing and also the arrangements made with you.

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