X-Message-Number: 16778
Date: Sun, 01 Jul 2001 10:40:55 -0700
From: Lee Corbin <>
Subject: The "Cryonet Police"

A couple of people are giving Charles Platt a hard time
about publically criticizing the way that Louis Epstein
and Trygve Bauge have been blathering on Cryonet.  I
think that his criticism of Louis and Trygve is fully
justified.  It's important to for everyone to try to
adhere to high standards when writing on a public forum,
especially serious ones like cryonet, and when people
don't, they deserve to be condemned.

Are your posts a lot longer than everyone else's?  Do
your posts evince much more careless writing than 
everyone else's?  Would your statements be better 
directed to individuals rather than to a community?
Prudent and polite people will try to answer those,
and many other similar questions before they post.

Calling CP (Charles Platt) the "Cryonet Police" is
an unfair shot because neither he nor anyone else
(Kevin Brown perhaps excepted) can take any actions.
They can only denounce what they believe needs to
be denounced, and, when they show good taste and
good judgment, I'm very glad when they do.

Lee Corbin

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