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Subject: Post mortem suspensions,  Australian case and other.
Date: Sun, 1 Jul 2001 20:12:06 +0200


Thanks for the reply.
You know as well as I do, that the big cryonics organizations get more post
mortem than pre mortem requests for cryonic suspensions. E.g they get more
requests for freezing dead people that are not signed up than requests for
freezing dead people that have signed up.)

In 1990/91 there was about 1 post mortem request a month,
and I doubt that the big cryonics organizations get any fewer such requests

Most of these requests have so far been turned down by all existing cryonics
The very few suspensions of  post mortem signups,  have been battles to
implement and costly in time and money and often the most time consuming and
expensive part have been to convince some cryonics organization to take on
the case.

You mention that ACS does not have a storage provider willing to take on
such cases.
Would you consider using a Norwegian or European provider for such cases?

It seems to me that for a long time, when it comes to actual cryonic
suspensions, there will be far more requests for post mortem signup than
requests to go ahead and freeze those who already signed up before they

Those that have signed up with the cryonics organizations are few, and many
are young,
and there will be relatively few deaths among these,
compared to the number of people out there dying and the number of relatives
that are interested in cryonics but who won't act until their loved one is

By turning down such requests we are alienating people that are genuinly
interested in cryonics. Why not instead open the doors for such requests? We
would have had far more people involved in cryonics, and far more money
invested in facilities and research, if we systematically had accommodated
post mortem sign ups.

I realize that Robert Ettinger and others are afraid of negative publicity,
but when will they realize that it might generate more negative publicity
not to accept a case than to accept it?

For example the most negative publicity Cryonics got in Norway, was when
Svein Hindal went public and complained that the undertaker had not
responded fast enough and been accommodating enough in freezing his
Norway's largest newspaper used its front page and two of its interior pages
on an attack on the undertaker! The attack was not on cryonics as such, but
on the somewhat less accommodating way cryonics was practiced by the
undertaking company that first had refused to assist Svein Hindal. (Another
branch of the same undertaking company later froze his mother, because I
talked them into it within an hour after I  was first contacted about the
case. But in the mean time there was a week's delay before Hindal got hold
of me, something that Hindal rightfully complained about.)

Established companies are attacked in the media when they do not deliver
fast enough service, or when they are not accommodating enough.

That is what we should be concerned about, if we are to succeed.


Trygve Bauge

Ps. When did Elizabeth first contact ACS, Alcor, and C.I?
For how long has she been given the runaround?

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> Hello Trygve,
> The Australian case you mentioned on cryonet is in contact with ACS. The
> last I heard, we couldln't help her because we have no long-term storage
> providers that will take patients who have been buried. She has apparently
> found a local mortician who will do the initial procedures after
> exhumation. That leaves the problem of long term storage. I suggested she
> contact Trans Time, but I don't know if she has tried that.
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