X-Message-Number: 16781
Date: Sun, 01 Jul 2001 10:44:34 -0500
From: david pizer <>
Subject: Great news for all cryonicists

Robert Ettinger posted the following:

>Dr. Yuri Pichugin has arrived safely in Michigan, and on Monday will begin 
>his full time work as Director of Research for the Cryonics Institute.
>Nobody is expecting any instant miracles, but we do anticipate steady 
>progress in our understanding and in our procedures in the coming months and 

This is wonderful news for all cryonicists who have watched this long story
unfold over many years on Cryonet, from the first work done abroad, to
coming to America, to going to CI.  

What makes this even more wonderful is that Robert Ettinger and CI have a
long history of sharing information with all the cryonics community, a
record of fairness in this area that has been unmatched.  If they uncover
something of great financial value I don't expect them to give it away, but
they have always been fair and I would be my life that will continue.

Congradulations to everyone involved in this new relationship.

David Pizer
retired VP Alcor

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