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Subject: Facility location, liquid nitrogen and what kind of dewar?
Date: Sun, 1 Jul 2001 22:48:35 +0200

I ask the people on the cryonet for input, in the selection of a dewar.
So far we have 3 options:
A 4 person big foot from Cryotech in Anaheim, (Alcor's and Trans Times
A 6 person fiberglas model from Perry Fiberglass in Ohio (C.I.'s model)
Or having someone in Europe build a smaller 1 or 2 person dewar, as
suggested by
D. den Otter.

To Yvan,
Thanks for the response,
I agreee that something could be gained if one set up a facility next to
others that use liquid nitrogen, then one could share the liquid nitrogen
production cost or get bulk discount on larger deliveries.

In the business park I am looking at now, there are at least 2 other
companies using liquid nitrogen.
Other advantages is that the facility is within walking distance from where
I live,
so that I do not have to relocate or travel a lot.


Trygve Bauge

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Subject: cryonics

> Hi,
> I may be interested in a cryonics facility in Europe, at least as a back
> to CI.
> There may be a money problem as I see it. I think we must build our own
> plastic dewar to get the price down.

Any suggestion as to how we could do that?  (I am asking C.I. too.)

> What about other use for the system? I think for example about rocketry,
> too is a need for cryo systems.
> Yvan Bozzonetti.

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