X-Message-Number: 16806
From: "John Clark" <>
Subject: AI is a masterpiece! No spoilers
Date: Mon, 2 Jul 2001 01:14:13 -0400

I just got home from watching AI and all I can say is it's the best movie I've
seen in years, many years. It's visually beautiful, the kid is one incredible
actor, and most important of all it worked as a drama. As for the science,
well a movie, even a science fiction movie, is not a science treatise but
still it shouldn't have anything that would make an educated man groan;
I didn't groan, not once. Well, ok, there was something at the very end that
might be a bit doggy, but by then you're dealing with something so advanced,
so unfathomable, it didn't bother me much. Also a big corporation that's smart
enough to make a robot as sophisticated as David is unlikely to do a few things

depicted in the film that were sort of dumb, but I confess these objections 
occur to me until the movie was over and they did advance the plot so I'll cut
the movie people a little slack.

I am certain time will be kind to this movie, I think this is the sort of film 
will improve each time you see it. I am also certain that the professional
movie reviewers who panned it in the year 2001 will be very embarrassed
by their negative articles 10 years from now.

   John K Clark       

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