X-Message-Number: 16808
Date: Mon, 02 Jul 2001 18:58:40 +1000
From: Simon Carter <>
Subject: And coming ...

Chris is shy but has done some thinking.


Subject: Nettiquett
Date: Mon, 2 Jul 2001 09:43:46 +1000

> I would be happy to reply to your response however I will not do so
> until I get an agreement from you not to post my PRIVATE e-mail to
> a public forum without getting my express and very clear prior
> agreement.
> Chris Benatar

No will do.

Chris, I am not prepared to waste my time debating you in private. I
think your type needs to be outed as a danger to cryonics. If you don't
have the ability to debate me in this forum, please crawl away.

Have you sent Trygve a similar request as, in his inimitable style, he
appended copies of your emails at http://www.cryonet.org/archive/16784
and http://www.cryonet.org/archive/16786

It would appear from these emails that you are restating your position
and attempting back off. I note that you "needed time to think".
Thinking is good, Chris. I'd encourage you to do more of it. Perhaps you
could start thinking about the problems signing up this family might
entail or even "failing that to work with you ['Elizabeth'] in setting
up a cryonics facility in Australia for yourself, your mom and your

It seems relevant to ask why you seem reticent in revealing whether you
yourself have made arrangements with a cryonics provider. As I said in
http://www.cryonet.org/archive/16768 "Don't be shy, introduce yourself."
I can't be the only one waiting.

I do recall your bold declaration that "Trial by media is not something
I am going to spend my whole life running from - of course you can if
you want to. I'll fight back." Are you already running from a teensy
weensy exchange in this small forum?

Shame on you Chris. Shame!

Simon Carter

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