X-Message-Number: 16813
Date: Mon, 2 Jul 2001 07:30:22 -0400 (EDT)
From: Charles Platt <>
Subject: posting guidelines

I suggest that the length limit for any single CryoNet post be reduced
from 40K to 20K, and the number of posts per person be set at 2 per day.
This would still allow long, serious posts (such as case reports) to be
"serialized" over a period of days, as has been done before; and would
restore some functionality to the list.

Bauge, if you seriously want to start a Norwegian cryonics facility, start
your own damned list. The British people working to establish an
independent capability don't regard themselves as so important that they
have the right to flood a general-interest cryonics list with their
specific problems. They display good manners and a consideration for other
people. You could learn from them, if you ever learn from anyone.

Bauge writes:

> Today is Sunday, and I skipped a sailing trip, and broke an
> appointment with my girl friend, x-girl friend by now I would guess,
> just to answer cryonics messages.

Please don't make such sacrifices on our behalf.

> It is not organizing cryonics improvements or dealing with the
> government that takes so much time, but having to rebut all the
> attacks from other cryonisists.

Why do you think this is? Could it be that you are an exceptionally
irritating, obtuse person even by cryonics standards? What other
explanation is there?

> I have over the years never seen such attacks on cryonics or my
> cryonics involvement by the regular media as I have experienced from a
> few other cryonisists. Are the latter paid to sabotage the movement or
> what?  ): What about tolerance, and letting others do it their way?

Why do you think it is that you have received such an unprecedented number
of critical emails? Could it be that you have an unusual capacity to irk
people by being self-obsessed and obnoxiously prolix? Also, could it be
that a community which feels a strong need to overcome a reputation for
kookiness, feels threatened by the antics of a self-righteous wacko who
wants to dig up and cryopreserve someone who has been dead and buried for
more than three months?

The mere fact that your past acts were considered "colorful" enough to be
the subject of an entire humorous movie portraying you as a nut case
should be sufficient to tell you something, if you were ever capable of

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