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From: "Trygve Bauge" <>
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Subject: Re:  5 day back log of messages to respond to!
Date: Mon, 2 Jul 2001 16:19:15 +0200

 "David Verbeke" <> wrote

> Dear Trygve,
> You wrote, "maybe cryonics is best carried out by
> gay-males and elderly that can be on the internet on
> full-time".
That was not meant to reflect negatively on either gay males or the elderly,
rather to the contrary. It was meant as my 2 cents worth in the recent
on cryonet over gays and cryonics.  The gist of the long running thread
seems to be that
gays have more time and resources to put into cryonics, than heterosexual
men in relationships with females that are not interested in cryonics.
I now understand first hand the household conflicts involved.

> Dear Trygve, I doubt it that any gay-male or elderly
> has the time to post 20 messages in two days.

Usually I don't either, but what do you do, when you yourself, after a few
days hiathus from the internet, a few evenings and nights spent with your
girlfriend rather than on the Internet, suddenly have received a back log of
about 100 e-mails from other cryonisists?

Errors and misunderstandings have to be rebutted immediatly or they just
keep growing and causing unwanted problems,  animosity and grudges.....
An immediate reply, usually creates friendships, even though there first was
and still might be differences.

My point was that the nature of internet is such that you might get more
replies than you can respond to, and that this creates a lot of unresolved
misunderstandings and animosity.
Thus I am interested in finding more effective ways of communicating on the
and quoting personal letters rather than rewriting the gists in such, is one
time saving meassure, posting answers so that all can see such, rather than
spending time answering the same questions again and again in individual
letters, is another time saving meassure.
And letting the whole cryonet know all the steps in a suspension request,
might give useful feedback as it certainly has in the Australian case. And
though there has been some static, that I can live with.

> You're making a monologue of this discussion-group.

Not really, I seem to be getting lots of responses in privat mails.
Many of these I think deserves a broader audience.
Thus many of my postings are really forwarding of interesting e-mails I have
received from others with my comments added.

And a letter circle can also be seen as a publishing means,
as a way of posting useful information for others to see.


Trygve Bauge

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