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Subject: Cryonics and the law in Norway.
Date: Mon, 2 Jul 2001 18:04:42 +0200

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Thomas Nord asked,

"Does the law permit cryonics?"

Well in Norway it doesn't explicitly mention it,
nor does it explicitly outlaw freezing of dead people.
And it certainly opens for whole corpses being donated to scientific research.

There are so far no provisions denying the local storage in Norway of foreign 
corpses donated to foreign hospitals and organizations etc.

To be on the safe side in the long run, a Norwegian cryonics organization would 
either have to cooperate with a private hospital/educational institution, or 
establish or buy up a small hospital/school, since the law clearly permits the 
storage of corpses donated to established hospitals, universities and 
educational institutions.

The government just published a plan opening for bio banks to be established 

I just received a copy of the government's Bio Bank study. (Norwegian version.)

The government will use the latter to write a Bio Bank law later this year or 
early next year.


Trygve Bauge


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