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Subject: Cryonics in Sweden as compared to cryonics in Norway.
Date: Mon, 2 Jul 2001 18:21:51 +0200

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Thomas Nord  wrote re cryonics in Sweden: 
(Trygve's translation of Thomas Swedish message:)

>(cryonics/storage of bodies) "is only permitted at burrial grounds, and will 
take time

>if one is not permittted to call the new storage form and space for a burrial 
>Isn't the Australian guy already burried?
>Melbourne? We have people (cryonicists?) there.

Hi, Thomas I translated your letter so that cryonisists will know what the 
situation is in Sweden.

Are you sure the Swedish law doesn't have provisions for donation and storage of
whole corpses and organs etc. the way the Norwegian law has?
And that such provisions can't be used for cryonic storage in Sweden?

And what contacts do you have in Melbourne? Any cryonisists?

Who can own burrial grounds in Sweden?
And who can establish such?

The Swedes have a tradition of an upper class aristocracy that we don't have in 

Certainly some of the aristocrats must have built big mousoleums for their 

If one can build private mousoleums (expensive private houses used by specific 
familes as a burial ground) and store large and expensive chests of one's own 
choise, then what is to prevent anyone from using a LN2 dewar as a chest in a 
private mousoleum?
Please look into this.


Trygve Bauge


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