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From: "Trygve Bauge" <>
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Subject: Re: Wondering about the situation in Canada
Date: Mon, 2 Jul 2001 20:36:26 +0200

A little while back I mentioned the state of cryonics in Canada.
In a private mail I was asked:

> You recently wrote on the Cryonet:  "Think about the well known cryonisist
> that a few years ago was deported from Canada and back to the United
> after having dug up a corpse in Canada without the government's approval
> (and possibly without the next of kin's), as a result of which said
> Canadian state banned cryonics."
> I hadn't heard of this before.  Who was the cryonicist, and who was the
> corpse?  And I surmise this was British Columbia?
> Thanks for clarifying.

Well since the two well known male cryonisists involved are still
aggressively posting to the cryonet, let me call upon both to fill us all in
on more of the details, or to add any corrections that might be appropriate.

A few years ago, I posted some suggestions to the Cryonet,
(completely unrelated to Canada and not touching upon the Canadian incident
at all,)
and got attacked by several people.

In a private mail, someone said that it was strange that these people would
attack me so strong, when 2 of those that attacked me the hardest at the
time, had been involved in the above incident in Canada.
The letter writer then explained what that had happened in Canada (see
and named the two cryonisists involved.
The person who wrote me asked me to confront those that attacked me.
I didn't take the time to do so at the time.

But if there is general interest to do so, I could look through my mail
archives to see if I find the original private mail that I received with the
above tip.

I am sure the authorities in Canada (British Columbia?) would have
everything on file too,
at least the courts, coroners etc.. And the people that passed the law might
know what prompted them too. Unless the exhumation was done in response to
the law banning cryonics??? Since the cryonisists were caught, the
government would know, anyway.


Trygve Bauge

Ps.I am not digging up anyone without the prior consent of the local
Though I would understand anyone attempting to do so if it was a dearly
person that had been burried or if cryonics had been outlawed and the
burrial had been forced by the government.

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