X-Message-Number: 16826
Date: Mon, 02 Jul 2001 11:59:29 -0700
From: Olaf Henny <>
Subject: Solution to Trygve Bauge's Flood of Postings
References: <>

I have always been puzzled by the lack of tolerance toward off
topic postings or postings which are only incidentally related to
cryonics, as it is these postings, which reval some of the more
human aspects of the writer and form the  second leg  on which
relationships within communities like this one are founded.

However, when the postings of one single individual constitute
more than 80% of a forum with hundreds of members, despite the
fact, that he has been repeatedly chided for it, it amounts to

Cherries are my favorite fruit and one of my favorite foods.
This is the height of the cherry season, I live in the middle of
Canada s biggest fruit bowl and cherries are everywhere.  I can
assure you, that even in this brief annual period, cherries come
nowhere near in forming 80% of my food intake, although I find
them much more palatable than Trygve s quixotic attempt at
 saving  a decomposed body.

I make therefore a hopefully constructive suggestion:  I invite
everybody, who still has the slightest interest in Trygve s
endeavors to notify me per e-mail.  I will pass their e-mail
addresses on to Trygve so he can then send them _privately_
all his progress reports and detailed correspondence and let
Cryonet get back to a managable format.


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