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Subject: Important: Norwegian labour party now favouring pollutionfree LN2 
producing gas powered powerplants.
Date: Mon, 2 Jul 2001 22:13:56 +0200

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To Robert,

Last year the centrist government led by the Christian party
favouring the LN2 producing gas power plants,

was thrown from office because the Labour party and the Conservatives voted 
against such power plants.
The labour party then took office. 
Two weeks ago the labour party announced that they too
now favour such power plants!
They are calling for at least one such to be built within 2005.

We do however have an election to our parliament this fall,

and a coalition of the Conservatives and the Christian party stand to win the 
The Christian party favours the clean power plants.
and though the Conservative party might still be opposed,
all the other parties in favour of such power plants should have a majority
when the power plant issue is again voted on by our parliament
either before or most likely after the election in the fall.


Trygve Bauge

Ps. To those reading this on the Cryonet:
The power plants in question will be burning North Sea gas, in clean oxygen,
so to be pollution free.

To get enough liquid oxygen, the same power plants will be cooling air, and 
creating huge amounts of liquid nitrogen as a side effect. 
The gas beeing burnt, will be cleaned for C02, through a cooling process,

in the process producing a lot of dry ice/or cold C02 gas, that no one yet knows
how to get rid of. They are considering pumping it all back into the oil wells 
in the North Sea,
or tying it up chemically and burrying it.


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