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Subject: The future of immortality.
Date: Tue, 3 Jul 2001 00:15:39 +0200

Cryogenicist explains life-extending technologies.

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Trygve Bauge (43) has his grandfather cryonically suspended
Mr. Bauge is kind enough to answer questions concerning the future of

What scientific or technological developments supports the theory of
reanimation after cryonic suspension?

Free floating cells like sperm cells, fertilized egg cells, and tissues that
have been separated into individual cells, and cell cultures of the latter,
can today be frozen, stored and thawed out in such a way that they still are

As I see it, research on freezing free floating cells without the formation
of ice crystals, a process called vitrification, will open for organs and
organisms being frozen alive and brought back alive.

Sooner or later someone will identify the genes that enable certain
organisms to survive freezing, and then add these genes to other animals and
future generations of human beings.

I would certainly like to give life to a clone that also has received the
genes necessary to survive cryonic suspensions.

Whether or not we will be able to later restore to life people that have
been frozen after death, still remains to be seen.

We might first have to find a way to clone live organisms, tissues and
organs from DNA fragments in dead cells.

What ethical dimensions exists when considering plans for your own cryonic

I hold personal life-extension as my motivation, will, highest goal,
philosophy, moral system, legal system, profession, venture combination and
way of life.

I would like not to die, and I would like to be suspended when I die.

I also regard as a crime against humanity, any attempt at outlawing cryonic
or human cloning. I hold that people attempting to outlaw cloning or
cryonics should receive life in prisonment without parole, as should anyone
willfully destroying cryonic storage facilities, people in suspension, cell
samples and cloned organisms that belong to others. Running out of funds to
maintain a facility is not necessarily a crime but I do regard as crimes:
government interventions that drive up the price of cryonic suspensions.

Advanced genetic therapy could expand the average lifespan with unknown
number of years. How do you think political institutions would respond to
this and other technologies that could change the demography of any given

Most likely they will respond rationally, see the advantages and respond
accordingly. E.g. if people age slower, they could stay healthier longer,
work more years and retire later, that is an untapped resource that could
enable us to solve many problems not solved today.

How should immortals or wanne-be-immortals organize to promote their own

On the internet one could search for words like extropians, cryonics etc.
and then join mailing lists like the extropian digest, cryonet etc.

To subscribe to CryoNet, send email to: 
with the subject line (not message _body_): subscribe

To subscribe to the extropian digest: You can subscribe via the Web. Go to
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Or, send a request to: 

People might also find it useful to practice the Gerson therapy
http://www.gerson.org so to benefit from its rejuvenating effects.

And to join any objectivist newsgroup like http://alt.philosophy.objectivism
or http://humanities.philosophy.objectivism so to take advantage of a
rational philosophy.

And to take entrepreneurship classes or participate in competitions like
Venture Cup www.venturecup.com so to better become successful entrepreneurs.

Of course they could form or join special interest groups,
health building clubs, political action groups, private ventures etc.
and work to establish constitutionally chartered freeports
international free travel and trade zones,
and health retreats, cryonic laboratories,
and sheltered infrastructures
in such freeports around the world.

In the short run the richer part of the life-extending community could buy
suites in projects like the Residensea www.residensea.com a set of floating
villages, so to better escape taxes, prohibitions and other government
interventions like laws against vitamins, cloning etc.

How could life-extending technologies change human evolution?

As said above we might add to future generations the genes necessary to
survive being frozen alive.

I also foresee that we gain a better knowledge of what that constitutes a
human being, so that the experience of being can be enhanced. At first this
might benefit the blind and the deaf. These might get to see and hear. But
further down the road we might be able to improve the link between an
original donor and a clone, so that these will share the same consciousness.
Or rather so that the same consciousness will dwell in several clones, and
thereby survive if and when any of these inadvertenly die.

Would immortals reproduce?

Yes, we will continue to reproduce,
but when people age slower, more people will on average wait longer
to get kids, thus there won't necessarily be more of us around.

More and more people might decide to get cloned instead of having kids the
old way. People would still form relationships, have cloned embryos
implanted, and raise clones of both parents instead of and in addition to
regular kids.

When I was deported from the United States in 1994, it was not  because of
my cryonic ventures, but because I made a proud legal stand in favour of
freedom of travel and trade as an unalienable human right, and against the
protectionism so prevalent in the United States today. As I see it
life-extension and freedom of travel and trade go hand in hand. We won't get
the former without the latter.
Thus let me use this opportunity to call for the removal of all travel and
trade barriers,
(all custom-, passport-, visa- and work permit- requirements,) first between
the United States and EU, and then so that still larger parts of the world
is added to the same international free travel and trade zone.

Long life to you all,

Trygve Bauge

Ps. Ole Petter   who first asked for this
would like to hear from cryonisists that can give him the names and web
for other classical texts on life-extension like:

The Prospect of Immortality

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