X-Message-Number: 16841
Date: Tue, 3 Jul 2001 02:21:19 EDT
Subject: Trygve Stop

I did not use the word please in the title to this post. I've met Trygve 
Bauge and find him unamenable to reason and in fact seemingly unaware that 
there are other people in the world. I subscribe to the Cryonics Europe 
newsgroup in addition to Cryonet. I use CompuServe and so can store only a 
limited number of incoming mail messages before my box fills up and I lose 
important mail. Currently, I am receiving all of Trygve's messages from THREE 
different forums at once. I have to log on to clean out my mail box several 
times a day.

I am personally asking Kevin Brown, the administrator of Cryonet, to put a 
stop to this. I suggest the European cryonics group do the same. I have no 
interest in silencing Trgyve Bauge. The appropriate forum for his posts and 
this controversy is a a Yahoo or other similar users group. These are free of 
charge, easily created, and let people who are interested in this "thread" 
continue to pursue it.

What Trygve is doing is the equivalent of screaming at the top of his lungs 
in a movie theater during a show. The people on Cryonet pay for this service 
with their time and via their Internet provider fees. Kevin Brown has 
invested enormous amounts of time in keeping Cryonet going. 

I know Trygve. I made the mistake of letting him stay as a guest at Alcor 
when it was in Riverside and he seriously disrupted the sleep and work of the 
entire staff. This is not ad hominem, just a recollection of an unpleasant 
but instructive experience. Don't expect Trygve to stop. He won't.

I would like this irritation to stop. I have asked Trygve to stop it. Now, 
the only recourse is to STOP it.

If you agree, please contact Kevin Brown and ask him to put a halt to this. 
Trygve should be allowed to announce the address of and how to subscribe to a 
users' group which deals with this thread on Cryonet and then be cut off 
until he agrees to stop this kind of bandwidth choking. 

No censorship is intended. Every community has standards, written or not. 
When manners and commonsense are not sufficient, other action is required. 

Thank You,
Mike Darwin

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