X-Message-Number: 16849
From:  (Rick Potvin)
Date: Tue, 3 Jul 2001 06:52:43 -0700 (MST)
Subject: NEW! Trygve Bauge's Very Own Forum!

NEW! Trygve Bauge's Cryonics Norway Discussion Forum--

Open Message to Trygve Bauge: 

Trygve-- email me and I'll email you back the login and password to this
forum so that you have complete control over it. You may post the above
link to CryoNet up to once a day! 

Imagine the possibilities... If you visit the forum, you'll see what I
mean. You can create virtually unlimited numbers of new threads! And
it's a much more powerful way to communicate your valuable ideas because
you can EVEN get a search engine installed.

If you want cryonics in Norway to succeed, then this new type of forum
is essential for you to have.  Visit http://network54.com/forum/136627
now. I'll check in occasionally to answer your questions. 

Open Message to CryoNet Readers: 

If many of us encourage Trygve to redirect his efforts at building up
http://network54.com/forum/136627, perhaps we can PERSUADE him to
actually do so and relieve some of the pressure on CryoNet. Remember to
encourage him to post a link to his new forum up to once a day. I think
that's critically important.

Since his email is backlogged, a preferred way to encourage him would be
to post a message on his forum http://network54.com/forum/136627
indicating to him that it is indeed possible for you to visit there
occasionally, if you have the desire. 

This terrific idea has been brought to you by~~ 44 year old Rick Potvin,
Alcor Member #1348, living within 40 minutes of Alcor HQ by car, in
moderate traffic, where the temp. reached 115 F yesterday...
Publisher of The u_l_t_r_a_h_u_m_a_n_i_s_t CryoNaut

"I intend to live forever-- So far, so good."

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