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From: "George Smith" <>
Subject: Privacy in email communications
Date: Tue, 3 Jul 2001 10:35:52 -0700

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Dear Trygve Bauge:

I have been openly supportive of your early efforts to offer suspension 
alternatives however I do not agree with your views on posting in public places 
private emails without first asking permission from the author (Message #16799).

Additionally, I feel you would better serve your purpose by posting summaries or
updates of what you are doing on the Cryonet rather than filling it with your 
raw personal correspondence.  I really do not feel that the Cryonet ought to be 
treated as a journal for correspondence but used as a forum for idea exchange.

Finally, as you have stated you do not respect the issue of email privacy, you 
can neither expect me to discuss with you issues of import which I do not wish 
broadcast to the world but which otherwise could aid you.

I suspect now that others with similar positive intentions feel the same way.

This is unfortunate.

Please reconsider this self defeating personal policy so that you can be fully 
open to aid from those who might otherwise bewilling to offer it.

With respect but some sense of sadness,

George Smith
CI member


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