X-Message-Number: 16857
Date: Tue, 3 Jul 2001 18:38:55 EDT
Subject: The postings are a little lengthy, Tryvge and Louis

Hello, everyone who is still here.

Rudi Hoffman from Daytona, FL.

I have in the past read almost every word on cryonet, for years now.  (This 
alone could cause insanity in weaker minds!:)

However, it has been a bit difficult to wade through Louis Epstein and 
Tryvge's postings.  

While abhorring censorship, I add my voice to that of Mike Darwin and others 
kindly but firmly requesting that these astonishingly verbose gentlemen 
consider shorter and more pointed postings.  

On the other hand, it has been interesting following Tryvge's exploits with a 
cryonics startup...and his sincerity and willingness to work seem clear 
enough, although his stability is certainly open to question.

So, without offense to anyone...

A little less noise in the theater of cryonet, please.  We don't absolutely 
have to know your response to every posting, every day, Louis Epstein.  

(I did get a big laugh out of Lee Corbin's posting about "The cure being 
worse than the disease! LOL!!)

Long, Happy, Prosperous Life to all who want it, 

Rudi Hoffman

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