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From: "Trygve Bauge" <>
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Subject: Re: please stop
Date: Wed, 4 Jul 2001 00:54:18 +0200

 Bryan  wrote:

>Subject: please stop
>Trygve Bauge, please stop posting so many messages on cryonet.

So what of my messages is it you do not want?
The info on where to buy Revco cryo star freezers?
The info on where to buy bigfoots?
The info on where to buy mobile LN2 plants?
The info on where to buy fiberglas dewars?
The surveys?
The steps in the Australian case?
The general tools for and steps in setting up a new facility?
The specific steps in setting up a facility in Norway?

I haven't seen anyone else posting such information.
And it certainly is of general interest to cryonisists?

or is it the following:
The requests for feedback, cooperation and assistance?
or any other messages?
that you do not like?

>It is going to ruin the list.


>Just start your own list or better yet start a group on yahoo.

Why would that be better?

Why is it wrong to post to this forum for cryonisists?

I also call upon you to see my reply to Kevin.
Maybe we can find a way whereby Cryonet can handle more traffic.
E.g. by automatically sending out digests twice a day,
or by splitting the digest in one for announcements and one for debate.

And maybe the digest could be set up so that one by clicking on any of the
entries in the content list at the begining of the digest jumps directly to
the article one clicked on, so that one doesn't have to scroll through the
messages one doesn't want to read?
All it would take is some simple html code. In the content list: <A
href=#message subject>message entry</A> and then at the top of each message:
<A name=message subject></A>.

It would also come in handy to insert code inbetween each message that
enables fast skipping to the top or to any given messsage number.

Maybe there is a letter circle managing software that automatically creates
such a content list and digest. If not, maybe some of the computer
programmers reading cryonet would be interested in creating such a software,
it could come in handy for other letter circles that experience high traffic
as well. A programmer could probably make some bucks on developing such a


Trygve Bauge

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