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From: "Trygve Bauge" <>
Subject: How to improve Cryonet
Date: Wed, 4 Jul 2001 02:53:57 +0200

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The nice thing about internet is that so many forums are not edited.

In the old days before internet, there were usually only edited forums.

Even the letters to the editor sections in the newspapers were selected by some 

With internet everyone suddenly has a chance to publish
not just their own website or their own forum, or to their own e-mail list,

but also to large forums shared with lots of other people with some common 

I like that, as long as one stay on topic,
which is not really a contradiction.

But just a way of stating that internet has brought forth forums where anyone is
free to post,
and where posters are not kicked off as long as they stay on topic.

That is different from forums where some editor selects what few posts that will
be posted.

And it is also different from forums where anyone can post any static they want.

Thus, my suggestion is that we keep Cryonet as a forum
for any cryonics related post.

We might try to improve cryonet so that it can handle treads, and maybe split it
in one letter circle for announcements and one where these and other cryonics 
related topics can be debated.

Or we might at least see if we can find a way to increase cryonets capacity by 
getting 2 digests a day.

Other improvements might be to improve the content list so one easily can jump 
from any content entry to the actual article and doesn't have to scroll through 
the whole digest.

Conclusion is:
Individual websites are fine,
and each person their own forum is o.k.
Put still there should be a place for large forums 

that are dedicated to specific topics, and seen by many people,and where anyone 
can post anything that is on topic.

The challenge is just to make it easier for such forums to handle large traffic,
and make it easier for people to navigate within such forums.
e.g. make it easier for the subscribers to such forums 
to navigate within a lot of traffic.


Trygve Bauge


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