X-Message-Number: 16877
Date: Wed, 04 Jul 2001 20:52:45 -0700
From: Olaf Henny <>
Subject: The Sensitivity of a DEAD Rhinoceros
References: <>

In Cryonet #16826 I made, what I thought was a constructive
suggestion for dealing with the Cryonet polluting flood of postings
by Trygve, which only few had an interest reading.  I suggested,
that those who still want to read these messages send me an e-
mail, so I can send their addresses to Trygve for further
*private* correspondence.  One of the reasons was to gauge any
interest, that might still be there.

I did not receive *one single* expression of interest.

I Cryonet #16849: Rick Potvin offered Trygve his "Very Own
Forum!"; -  a much better suggestion.  I certainly support that
idea, including Rick's offer for a daily reference to that website.

However, up until now Trygve has displayed the sensitivity of a
DEAD rhinoceros, when it came to hints, chiding and severe
criticism directed at his excessive ego feeding postings.

I will therefore, unless (he accepts Rick s offer and -) both the
volume and frequency of his postings are reduced drastically over
the next two Cryonets, copy and return all those postings, which
I consider excessive, to his e-mail address.  I propose, that
everyone who feels offended by Trygve s posting practice do the

Although taking such an action dismays me, I see no other way to
save Cryonet from this scourge.  It would NOT be spamming,
since it would only entail the return of the spams to the spammer.


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