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Date: Thu, 5 Jul 2001 12:52:52 EDT
Subject: Re: The Cure may be Worse than the Disease+ black magic

<< On the other hand, perhaps the cure IS worse than the
 disease.  Hmm.  Now, I am frankly a little worried who
 or what the Almighty is going to send next.
 Lee Corbin

I have sent some message here about black magic, defined as a way to copy a 
quantum state into a computer, turn it into anything else and then copy the 
result onto the original system. Because the computer processing may be out 
of all physical laws, there is no causal link between the initial and final 
state of the quantum system, this is magic. It is black because the 
processing take place in a computer where the rules are outside the natural 
world, this is similar to the "physics" behind a black hole event horizon.

In this simplest form, a quantum system is defined on a function space with 
an infinite number of dimension. each dimension is a function, that is a 
0-form or the dual of a point in differential geometry. In fact the function 
is a complex one and a dimension is defined by the function and its 
conjugate, the same one with the complex part taken with the opposite sign, 
for example f=x+iy, gives the conjugate: f*= x-iy.

Assume for simplicity that the function set is: sin(x), sin(2x),..., 
sin(nx),... with n any positive integer. In fact, you could as well have the 
function set: cos(x)+isin(x), to have a complex number each time. Here I rest 
with the simple sin example.
When n grows, the wavelength of the sin(nx) function shrinks, so that more 
you have dimensions, smaller they are. In ordinary matter and energy, you 
have only half a dozen dimension not with zero content.
Assume now that you use black magic to move the not zero dimensions a lot, 
for example:
The wave function of an object is in dimension 95 to 100, you have pushed the 
quantum domain of that object at a scale 100 times smaller than before, it 
density is now one million time the ordinary one.
The wave function is in dimension 1 and 96 to 100: the object is similar to 
the original in scale, on the other hand it is extraordinary smooth, this is 
a kind of microscopic billar ball. You may bring two such objects in close 
contact, 100 time nearer than with ordinary atom or molecule, the energy 
release by the Casimir effect is now one million times larger than with 
ordinary matter. 
You may hide something in higer dimensions. For example, let the original 
wave function in dimensions 1 to 6, then put the wave function taken from 
another object in dimensions 20 to 26 for example... You may pile up very 
many wave functions in a single object in this way.
Assume now you extand the function set to fractional values: 
sin(x/2),...,sin(x/n),... This is about dimensions larger than usual. You 
could have a macroscopic quantum system. If the wavefunction of many objects 
overlap, they may interact in a coherent way, so you have a collective wave 
function, this is what is produced in superfluid and superconductivity. What 
is different here, is that you don't need to work at low temperature, if a 
large part of the wavefunction is in these 1/n dimensions, the link between 
objects will be quite strong and will be able to withstand high temperature. 
another effect is the reverse Casimir effect: Such a material if it has a 
spin with half integer value will not form a coherent state, each atom or 
molecule will repel each other and form a low density material. More, there 
will be some energy storred in the vacuum, and this product will be a high 
explosive, even far beyond a nuclear one.

This is a first taste about the technological power of black magic, may be 
you think there is not link with cryonics? I'll give you some example in that 
domain next time.

Y. Bozzonetti.

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