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Date: Thu, 5 Jul 2001 11:35:28 -0700 (PDT)
From: Scott Badger <>
Subject: Re: Does inherent value exist? 

Lee Corbin Wrote:

"But that's how progress actually will be made. After
all, the Golden Rule started the same way: I'm sure
that many people didn't like the sound of it at first,
but came to acknowledge that it described a lot of
their behavior pretty well. And then the way was then
clear for their intelligence to seek its wider
applicability. Dave's rule, approximately, is "The
interests of every entity should be considered", and
it may end up having the same history." 

Yes, and as many already know, this shift in focus
from self to others has already been succinctly
expressed in the platinum rule, designed to replace
the golden rule in the face of increased levels of
multicultural awareness and appreciation for
diversity.  The platinum rule is,  Do unto others as
they would have you do unto them. 

Dave Pizer wrote:

 So I am looking for technology to change our value
systems to such that all life has value so long as it
doesn't harm other innocent life. If this is so, the
final end of such a shift could be (ultimately) to
inherent values.  

Aahh, but who gets to define "harmful" and "innocent"?

Again, I agree with your prediction about increased
tech  >> increased abundance >> increased altruism,
but I fail to see why human attributions would
ultimately lead to inherent values ... (i.e. values
independent of human existence).  Perhaps instead of
asking whether inherent values exist, it would be more
to the point to ask; Do we really need values to be
inherent?  What s the advantage?  What s wrong with
values that evolve with and are constructed by the
culture?  Wouldn t that be more likely to liberate and
empower us in the long run?  Besides, at what point in
the future could anyone possibly say that they know
which values are inherent/absolute and which aren t? 
Of course, I m not a professional philosopher so any
clarification is welcome.

Best wishes

Scott Badger

"Vita Perpetuem"

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