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Date: Thu, 05 Jul 2001 17:30:22 -0400
Subject: Re: CryoNet #16837 (Spielberg's AI)

Message #16837
From: "john grigg" 
Subject: I loved A.I. but with some reservations
Date: Tue, 03 Jul 2001 03:11:06 

>I saw _A.I._ on its first day here in Anchorage with GREAT >anticipation since 
it was the number one movie this summer I wanted >to view. The advance reviews I
had read of it in Newsweek and >elsewhere said it was one of Spielberg's 
greatest films, if not his >best ever.

>I was not disappointed. Spielberg was in very top form and I feel >translated 
the notes of Kubrick into a truly great film. And as >critics have pointed out, 
there are many layers and aspects to this >movie which can make it appeal to a 
wide demographic.



Though it was a bit "Toy Story" meets "2001:A Space Odyssey." I hadn't realized 
before how much the essential Toy Story theme (and of course the AI theme) is 
that of _Frankenstein_. It's basically about creators shirking responsiblity! 
With sub-themes of child-abuse: intelligent toys treated like, well, toys; 
children treated like unwanted pets, which is to say like things; intelligent 
pets treated like unwanted pets, and so on. And through it all, the essential 
Shelley-ian adolescent horror at being thrown out of polite society, a kid on 
the outside of the party, looking in. As Brian Aldiss ("SuperToys Last All 
Summer," the basis of the movie) says, the basic theme of science fiction is 
alientation through technology. Your parents don't want you, nobody wants you. 
The world is empty, you're surrounded by critters from space, and you still want
your mommy!  Gahhhh!  Something all cryonicists should think hard about.

I've written more on the topic in an essay in sci.cryonics (The Return of the 
Krell Machine) but won't post it here, since it's way too long.

Say, John, perhaps you could comment on cryonic suspension from Anchorage? Have 
you spent a winter in Fairbanks or places north, yet? I'm a cheechako who can 
hardly tell an ulu from an oosa, but I thought your state was the most gorgeous 
thing I'd ever seen. Sort of a 1960's hunting-lodge libertarian outlook there, 
also, which reminded me of my lost boyhood.


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