X-Message-Number: 16894
From: "Thomas Nord" <>
Subject: Trygve flaming
Date: Fri, 6 Jul 2001 03:45:17 +0200

I haven't had time to spend hours to read all yet in the Oz=Australia Trygve 
case. Have at least to sort out misunderstandings later between us, I've browsed
here and by e-mail.

I just recall him writing he had a girlfriend many years opposing to us, got rid
of her and stumbled on another girl who needed help with Cryonics suspension, 
so I understand Trygve very well. 

Holding back and then flooding out a bit to much perhaps, and private e-mails 
here as is a nono to my manners, but its not the first time folks have done 
that, its to easy. To be secure, use fax or snailmail. So far I haven't seen any
scanned letters yet misused here, touch wood, perhaps due to lackness of good 

Anyway I guess Trygve may be a good help with the right cooperation so far, if 
we have to build up something new in EU since only CI (and ACS?) remains these 
days, and folks may be reluctant to be shipped very far away from their 

Anyone noticed we can read what anyone writes, but I guess never would say IRL?

Not Cryonics, but I round this off lighter as they do in the News. 

Just read here Norwegian men are fishminded, the nice girls there like to dress 
off, and we Swedes are much nicer, hmmm. Don't remember their men, being more 
interested in girls as seem to be polite there. 

By the way, Norway earn a lot on oil, the state have no long loans unpaid, 
instead they have a lot saved. Here and in US etc its the other way around.

4 Life

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