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Date: Thu, 05 Jul 2001 21:36:09 -0500
From: david pizer <>
Subject: Getting prepared to come out

Scott Badger wrote:

>Dave Pizer wrote: "....."If life is
>"merely" information, and if information has inherent
>value, then life has inherent value."

>OK, let s assume for the moment that information has
>inherent value.

>As you say, it follows logically that if life is
>information, then it has inherent value as well.

>But you d have to also concede that non-organic and
>non-living organic compounds are information too, and
>thus they must have inherent value.  

Good point. 

>So if we accept that all things that are information
>have inherent value, the next question is ... Do all
>things that are information have an equal amount of
>inherent value?  

>If not, who says so and why?

Good point. I have a "hunch" that information that causes life has inherent
value and other information does not, but I don't know how to defend that


In struggling to build a position for frozen being's rights I tried several
explanations.  I did not realize how much one of the descriptions seemed to
fit the purpose until Lee Corbin described it is several different ways.
After reading Lee's recap, I still think that considering if a being has
interests, if it can be harmed or helped, and, perhaps, if it is interested
in harming or helping others, is going to be the strongest way to build a
moral system for frozen beings and all other beings.

It will take some work to refine this.  I want to have some strong argument
in place for the rights of frozen persons when the Venturists "come out" in
a year and take on the status quo of the non-immortalists world-wide.
Thanks for the suggestions.

Dave Pizer

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