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Subject: CRYONICS; electronic fact forum?
Date: Thu, 24 May 90 21:30:05 EDT
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Has anyone tried to arrange an electronic fact forum for the
feasability of cryonics?  We'd need some moderators, people to
represent both sides, all with electronic mail accounts and a
willingness to spend some time on the issue.

If anyone has done fact forums electronically before, I would also
want to try to get a debugged set of rules.

I could probably find some CMU grad students to act as neutral
moderators, and we might be able to find the cryobiologists by posting
to netnews or some mailing lists, and the cryonicists are probably
right here ready to go.  This seems doable!

I recall that some cryonics organization (I forget which) tried to do
a non-electronic fact forum once, but the cryobiologists didn't want
to show.  Maybe it would work better with the network eliminating
travel cost and reducing fears of intimidation.

Questions for the reader:  Is this worth doing?  What would happen if
I tried?  Where can I get a debugged set of rules?

(Reference: Engines of Creation briefly discusses fact forums, and it
has more specific references.)


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