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Date: Sat, 27 Oct 2001 10:50:15 -0700
From: Jessica Lemler <>
Subject: This Week at Alcor

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Jessica Lemler, Administrative Associate/Webmaster

This week has been yet another busy and productive 
week here at Alcor! We had another of our 
Communications Seminars off-site on Wednesday, and 
again I enjoyed being outdoors in the wonderful, warm 
Arizona sun with my co-workers and our host, Dr. Bob, 
who is attempting to teach us better ways to 
communicate with ourselves and each other. 

I have also been helping to prepare for the 
upcoming suspension. Yesterday we worked on 
scrubbing the operating room and compiling the 
checklists we will be using during the suspension. 
Today we will be doing more work to assure everything 
is in place and ready for the arrival of our 
patient. I am also working, as I do every Friday, on 
this page for the website. I have added new 
pictures, so click on the "Pictures" link below to 
see what's going on here at Alcor!


Mathew Sullivan, Facility Operations Manager & 
Patient Care Manager

I am currently devoted to the coordination and 
preparation for an upcoming suspension cannot submit 
a full report. 

Mike Perry, PhD., Patient Care Assistant 

This week I worked to further refine the "For the 
Record" column dealing with Alcor events 25 and 10 
years ago. Illustrations and references are now in 
place, and the text has been edited to nearly a final 
form. I took pictures of the patient care bay for 
possible use on the cover of the new version of 
Cryonics Reaching For Tomorrow (CRFT) called ALEFI 
for Alcor Life Extension Foundation Introduction, I 
think (and pronounced "alfee"), showing a dewar fill 
in progress. I retrieved an article of mine, "Why 
Cryonics Will Probably Work" (*Cryonics*, Apr. 1992) 
that was also wanted in connection with ALEFI. More 
routinely, there was a fill of the patient dewars 
from the pressure vessel on Tuesday. 

It looks as if we now have a pending suspension, and 
preparations have been hectic. Yesterday I checked 
out the automated cooldown program and this morning 
(Friday the 26th) I was involved in nitrogen 
deliveries, which was made more interesting in view 
of work being done to resurface our parking lot. 

Joe Hovey, Accounting Manager

With the exception of Wednesday, half of which was 
taken up again with another communications seminar 
given by Bob Newport, I spent most of the week 
working on Alcor's monthly financial statements. I am 
now within shouting distance of being completely 
caught up. The rest of the time was mostly spent on 
the usual daily financial maintenance chores, making 
bank deposits, shifting money around, performing data 
entry, etc. 

After some difficulty with my printer I ran off 
member labels for our members for our first issue 
of "The Alcor Forum" which was created and funded by 
Charles Platt. Thank you Charles. Two volunteers 
(Judy Muhlestein and her sister Barbara Milton), were 
very helpful in organizing, stuffing, labeling and 
posting the newsletters. Thanks to all. 

It looks like we have another pending suspension. I 
will have to create the accounting system to reflect 
the suspension activity that is forthcoming. 

Jennifer Chapman, Membership Administrator

The majority of my time this week has been devoted to 
updating various publications. Such as, the 
emergency wallet cards have been revised to reflect 
more accurate medical instructions. Also, it has 
been suggested that referring to the member to as an 
anatomical donor rather than a cryonicist may benefit 
Alcor's ability to obtain the cooperation of the 
attending medical personnel. The requested 
cooperation is specifically requested for the purpose 
of furthering scientific knowledge and medical 
research. Most health care providers can appreciate 
this general explanation without requiring an 
extensive discussion concerning the feasibility of 

Efforts are also being made to revise Membership 
Handbook. This project was initiated by the 
suggestion of a new member who observed that the 
content is quite outdated. His offer to assist with 
the revisions enabled this to become an active 
project. Without his cooperation it would likely 
have remained a pending task to be completed as 
schedules permit. 

Several hours were also devoted to assisting with 
database revisions and progress is being made in this 
regard. Although the full extent of the suggested 
improvements is substantial, every effort towards 
obtaining these much needed capabilities will have a 
substantial impact. This member also deserves 
recognition for enacting a project, which will 
certainly be a lasting benefit to Alcor.

Several mailing were also coordinated this week, as 
local volunteers ensured the first issue of The Alcor 
Forum were sent on schedule and announcements of 
various upcoming gatherings are also being composed. 

Hugh Hixon, Facilities Engineer

Friday, pick up parts for cooldown lids and started 
reassembly of the present one. 

Saturday, worked a bit on getting the video projector 
to behave. 

Sunday, with Dr. Lemler to Laughlin, NV for a a 
training session. Set up the PowerPoint equipment. 
Gave a session on the temperature logger. 

Monday, continue with training session with Joe 
Tennant, Dr. Lemler. 

Tuesday, wound up training with the Laughlin team, 
debated the philosophical issues of cryonics with 
unbelievers. Who are nonetheless very competent. 
More word and worry on the Russian member. Return 
to Alcor. 

Wednesday, seminar with Dr. Newport. Other 
administrative stuff. 

Thursday, staff meeting. Start getting organized for 
a whole-body suspension. With Mike Perry, work on 
the cooldown system. Talk with a visitor who is 
renewing his membership. 

Dr. Jerry Lemler, President, CEO

I spent the first part of the week (Sunday- 
Tuesday) with Hugh Hixon and Bay Area ADR-A Joe 
Tennant conducting the annual training session at Don 
Laughlin's Riverside Hotel and Casino in Laughlin, 
Nevada. Hotel security chief Rick Armstrong has 
assembled a top-flight rescue staff (all of whom are 
EMT certified). We put the team through their paces, 
and I feel certain they can successfully be deployed 
with great confidence. 

Yesterday morning, (Thursday), I was the 
featured guest on the KRQ Radio (Tucson) show John 
Jay, and Rich in the Morning. It was a fun 
experience, and the listening audience call-in 
questions were predictable. 

We are now in the process of getting ready for 
an overseas impending suspension. This event is 
to occur by the early part of next week.

Stay healthy and go Diamondbacks! 

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