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Date: Sun, 28 Oct 2001 16:05:02 -0500
From: david pizer <>
Subject: Live In Arizona =  Be safe

How would you like to live in Arizona?

Recently I purchased two houses in Mayer Arizona.  I want to rent one of
them out.  Here are some details:

Mayer Arizona is a small town about an hour drive from Phoenix.  I think
most people would consider it a safe town to live in.   Next month, I hope
to break ground on a resort near the town of Mayer.  This resort will be
for the general public and for holding conferences.  I hope to have some
life extension conferences there.

If things go well with the resort in a few more years I hope to build a
retirement community for people who are interested in life extension.

The house I want to rent out is close to where these entites will be.  So
this is an advanced chance for someone to move to the area and get a feel
for the lifestyle.

Until the I get the retirement community built, there is not much to do in
Mayer unless you like the outdoors and like to hike and stuff like that, or
can keep busy with computers and reading.   Mayer is in the beautiful high
desert.  The pine forest is about 10 miles away.   The closest bigger town
is Prescott (20 - 25 minutes), a lovely town with lots of antique shops,
book stores, etc. and more things to do, Costco, Home Depot and the lots of
big department stores.  Phoenix is about an hour drive - you can find
almost anything there.  Alcor is about an hour or an hour and a half drive.

The very small house I want to rent out has two small bedrooms, living
room, kitchen and one bathroom.  It is on an acre.  You could have a horse
there.  The property has commercial zoning so a person could run a small
business out of the house.????

The rent is $650 per month plus utilities.

If you have any interest and would like to come see the place, 
please E-mail me at: 

David Pizer

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