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I applaud Henny on this heads-up on nano progress.  I was remiss in passing 
on much the same info gleaned from Washington Post, Oct 18, 2001 by Post 
staff writer Guy Gugliotta.  I thought it should have been a banner headline 
on page one but it was relegated to page 4, pushed off no doubt by terrorism 
and anthrax.  Bell labs is now a subsidiary of Lucent Technologies [which has 
taken a real beating in the stock market lately, I think].  Bell Labs 
director of nanotech research is John Rogers, while Hendrik Schon was lead 
researcher on this project. Comment [all positive] was solicited from chemist 
Jim Heath, UCLA physicist and Mark Reed of Yale, so I imagine these guys are 
major players. Oh, I wish I were younger than 66 because these guys are going 
to change the whole ball game in a generation!!  

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