X-Message-Number: 17900
From: "Lawrence O'Reilly" <>
Date: Mon, 12 Nov 2001 03:30:07 +0800
Subject: Re Do you like philosophy? [Lawrence O'Reilly]

Michael LaTorra wrote:

> The best example of something coming from nothing is the spontaneous - but
> temporary - creation of subatomic particle pairs (one matter, the other
> antimatter) from the "quantum foam" of the vacuum.

I cannot agree with this as an example of something coming from nothing.  True 
there may be no matter visibile here, but the vacuum of space in which these 
particles appear most certainly is something in itself.

On the other hand I can't agree with David's feeling that something cannot come 
from nothing based on the notion that something coming from nothing is absurd.

One of the following must be true, either:

1. Something came from nothing   or
2. Something always existed.

From a common sense point of view both of these seem absurd yet one is 
necessarily fact.  Thus using a common sense point of view as to what is absurd 
and hence impossible is clearly deficient as a means of proof.

Lawrence O'Reilly 

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