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From: "Alan Sinclair" <>
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Subject: Re: CryoNet #17885 - #17895
Date: Mon, 12 Nov 2001 07:30:48 -0000

I thought it was great when Charles Platt started writing for Alcor and
thought for the first time since Mike Darwin left we may see some real
honest news and opinions about Alcor and cryonics in general.

Having spent fourteen years with Alcor BC (before chamberlins) I would be
delighted to hear Alcor news but as far as I can see it is still a closed

When I was with Alcor there were no problems getting The Immortalist but now
I am with CI the only information I receive about Alcor is through cryonet.

> But, I am starting to wonder if Alcor members really want a newsletter.
> After there had been an almost total lack of printed information during a
> period of many months, during which Fred and Linda Chamberlain both
> terminated their active involvement in the organization, I would have
> expected Alcor members to be eager for news. Yet I received only one
> communication after the newsletter was distributed.
> I had hoped that a .pdf file of the newsletter could be placed on the
> Alcor web site, so that any nonmember could download it and print a copy.

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